I have 12 years of experience, serving you. on the Snoqualmie City Council., running twice for re-election unopposed,

I have worked for Boeing for 31+ years at numerous locations throughout the region, various positions and divisions.  In various management and non-management position, currently as a Project Manager, supporting SAP implementations.

As a council member, I have and with your vote will apply my council and professional experience to serving the whole of Snoqualmie for another term, seeking the best balance of services for our community and quality of life against the fiscal constraints the citizens expect.


I stand upon my voting record as demonstration of my independence and experience to stand alone. I have often been in the minority on votes by the Council. To all my votes on your behalf I bring thoughtful measure, my belief in your desires and what is right for the community for today and in the future. This is accomplished with mutual understanding and leading together with my peer Council Members, as is evident by the endorsement of the Council Members and the Mayor.

Support Me

I am self funded by choice, So no contributions
will be accepted. However there are other
ways you can support my re-election.

> Talk to your neighbors Get the vote out!.
> Host a sign in your yard.  
> Get listed as an endorsement
> Share the tri-fold with others 

Contact Me

If there are issues important to you that I have not covered or you wish to support the campaign , please let me know:

Address:7015 Laurel Ave SE
 Snoqualmie, WA 98065
E-mail: D.Bryan.Holloway@gmail.com