Actions and statements of incomplete facts made by the coalition that my opponent is a member of, serve to emotionally divide and mis-inform the community, as opposed to engage in a fact understanding discussion. This is in part why I am in this election.  As I promised 12 years ago, in its place I will continue to bring to your council my personal commitment to:

•    Facts and Data Management.
•    Level headed focus.
•    Business experience and ethics.

I commend and support any citizen that truly has the desire to serve and strengthen our community, being involved whether it be in the governing of Snoqualmie, participation on one of the boards or commissions for the city or through education (Snoqualmie Citizens’ Academy).

My opponent and most members of the group he is a member of,  have had no involvement with the city of Snoqualmie civic/government activities until this year. Many are new residence with limited community history or contribution.

I have 12 years of council experience, serving you, seeing this community through massive managed growth and a historic recession.
Through all of this Snoqualmie is a  recognized desirable city in which to live.

I and my family have 18 years of history with the commnnity. Long standing active members of a local church,. My choldren have known no other home than Snoqualmie.

I ask for your vote, that I may continue to serve.